Pepco Rebates

Some call it socially responsible. Others call it frugal. We just call it smart.

Since 2001, Energy Efficient Technologies, a Pepco Trade Ally, has helped businesses reduce their energy expenses through no- to low-cost improvements. In doing so, our clients cut operating and maintenance cost, retain a greater percentage of their earnings, and increase profitability.

Did you know Pepco will pay 75% of the cost of a Standard Energy Audit for your building?

Pepco pays $1,000 toward a Standard Energy Audit. Your cost is just $350, and if you don’t get enough ideas to save $350 in the first two months, we’ll provide a full refund.

Our Standard Energy Audit and analysis begins with an on-site inspection performed by one of our senior engineers specialized and trained in energy efficiency. Our engineer will evaluate your equipment and operating procedures, paying particular attention to low-cost and no-cost savings opportunities. We’ll also benchmark your building against similar buildings. Following our analysis, you’ll receive a detailed and customized report outlining our findings along with high-impact energy efficiency recommendations.

Let’s recap.

Your cost of a standard energy audit—$350

Value to you—thousands of dollars in savings every month


What are you waiting for?

For less than the cost of the standard monthly cell phone bill, you could be on your way to saving thousands of dollars every month on your building’s energy costs. Call us toll-free at 800-344-8132 to learn more about our limited-time, 75 percent Pepco rebate or to schedule a no-risk, on-site audit.

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