BGE Rebates

Some call it socially responsible. Others call it frugal. We just call it smart.

Since 2001, Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) has helped businesses reduce their energy expenses through no- to low-cost improvements. In doing so, our clients cut operating and maintenance cost, retain a greater percentage of their earnings and increase profitability.

As a BGE customer, you can qualify for rebates of up to half your total project costs.

BGE is invested in helping its customers reduce their energy usage in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Through three types of programs, there are many incentives available that greatly enhance the savings of almost any project.

1. Prescriptive Measures – BGE makes its incentives accessible, fast and easy to obtain due to a long list of pre-determined measures with set rebates. Most measures in this section qualify for rebates between 50%-90%.

2. Custom Measures – BGE also understands that as a unique business, there are opportunities for major improvements beyond those which are prescriptive. These more flexible rebates offer 50%-60% off project costs and only require that you save money.

3. Retro-commissioning – BGE understands that achieving efficiency isn’t a single action, but rather a process which starts with implementing conservation measures and continues by monitoring, maintaining and optimizing your systems. BGE will cover up to 75% of service costs associated with these goals.

However, applying for rebates and incentives can be a tedious and difficult task, especially when you are trying to run a business. In order to utilize the Custom Measures program, for example, a detailed analysis and explanation about the current condition of the equipment, proposed changes and estimated savings of each measure are required. Our experts will handle this process for you, using extensive analysis and previous experience to maximize your savings and minimize your payback period.

Together we will save you money!

Contact us or call toll-free at 800-344-8132 to set up a no-risk audit, or just learn more about who we are and what we do.

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